Meat and Four Veg - The Diet.
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What’s the Meat and Four Veg diet all about?

healthy-vegetablesThe idea was to come up with a simple framework to help anyone wanting to improve their diet. It is well known that the biggest areas that most people need to improve with their dietary habits are: cut down on processed foods, eat more vegetables, increase variety of foods, reduce sugar and don’t let carbs get out of control. The fat debate is ongoing but here at meat and four veg we have accepted that fats from quality food sources are not the enemy, if you don’t agree you might want to look elsewhere or read up for yourself, here, here or here. I will post more on all this soon. The Carbs vs fat debate is also a never ending shambles so we’re not going to argue that out here. When following this diet, the rules of macronutrients are: Eat enough protein to maintain muscle mass and then increase and decrease your fat and carbs to fit in with your workout schedule. Find what works for you. We will help you find out how to adjust your macro’s to suit your needs in future posts.

The Big Idea!

To encompass all the above improvements with one foul swoop we have come up with Meat and Four Veg. It’s all in the name. For 2 meals a day you will eat a piece of meat and four portions of veg, the other meal is up to you as long as it fits in with the 10 rules below. Simple isn’t it.


Other than that we recommend reducing your grain and sugar consumption, the western style diet that most of us follow today is based around these foods and they are obviously not doing us any good. Especially in the amounts that we eat them. For this reason if you want to follow the meat and four veg diet but feel you still want to include grains and sugar then thats fair enough. Just follow the 2 main meal protocol stated above and add in you grains in the other meal. Porridge and muesli are good whole food choices for breakfast if you cant drop the grains.


This site however will only include recipes with alternative gluten free flours and grains such as teff flour, almond flour and cassava flour. This is just to increase variety into your diet and to not give in fully to wheat. Eventually you will be able to use the recipes on the site for meal planning. Each recipe will include a full breakdown of its nutritional information, this will allow you to easily count your calories when using this site. If you are aiming for 2100kcal for your day then just choose 3 meals that add up to that amount. You will also be able to easily track your carbohydrate, fats and protein for the day. The recipes on the site are limited at the moment but we are working all the time to upload as many as possible. If you have any recipes that you’d like to share with the Meat and Four Veg community the please visit our submit recipe page here.

Meat and Four Veg top 10 rules:

  1. Eat more plants!
  2. Know where your food is from (quality is more important than quantity).
  3. Monitor your fibre intake.
  4. Eat plenty of good fats.
  5. Reduce overall glycemic impact of your foods.
  6. Include pre and probiotics.
  7. Monitor carbs to fuel your workouts (More training, more carbs. Less Training, less carbs).
  8. Vary your foods and meals as much as possible.
  9. No processed foods (buy nothing that comes already made for you, cook all your own food).
  10. Do Not reduce your maintenance calories, hit your numbers with quality foods and then lose weight through exercise.

choosing-the-right-foods-eat-more-vegIs this a low carb diet?

No its not, we like to think of it as a controlled carbs diet. Our recommendation is to fuel your workouts with carbs, on a non workout days we would recommend hitting around 100g of carbs, and whilst on a heavy HIIT workout day you may want to increase this to around 300g. This may be a lower carb way than many diets out there but it is definitely not the Atkins or the Dukan Diet. Remember you are getting quality carbs from all those eight portions of veg your having everyday plus your carb loads from potatoes or pulses when needed. Just make sure you are thinking about how much you are taking in and when you increase your carbs you decrease your fats.

Is this the paleo diet?

No its not, however, there are many similarities. Here at Meat and Four Veg we have followed the Paleo diet for years and through self experimentation, feedback from clients and friends and, some serious sifting through the literature we have accepted a few paleo forbidden foods back into the mix. Dairy can be tolerated by many and if you were dairy intolerant you would probably know by now. The main thing that we suggest is that you play about with dairy yourself and do some self experimentation, try a month off and then reintroduce it, if you feel awful after adding it back in then ditch it, if you don’t notice any difference then keep it going. Pulses are also off the paleo menu. We like pulses as they a very good source of protein, quality fibre and resistant starch. However if you feel like it do the same experiment as above with all pulses and beans to see if they cause you any issues. Other than this yes we do follow a strict paleo style menu with a huge focus on the quality of each individual food.

Not enough information.

We know that this page is not enough to go on but its a start. This web site is in its early days and we will be adding more and more information whenever possible. In the very near future we will have a full introduction to the whole idea of the dietary structure and how to fully implement it into your life. For now please follow along with us on our journey into the land of 100% no added sugar. Click to find out more.

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