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Choose, Thin, Lean and Healthy!

11 Apr Choose, Thin, Lean and Healthy!

Fresh Coconuts in Thailand!

Fresh Coconuts in Thailand!

One of the most asked questions I get from everybody when talking to them about my paleo lifestyle is: But don’t you miss pizza, pies and bread? Or whatever else it might be they love. My answer is always the same, no, and that’s because I have chosen to be thin, lean and healthy.

Following this way of life is about constant choices and although they are always different they are actually all the same issue. Each time I come across something that may sway me away from the path, I make the same decision and I choose thin, lean and healthy.

Yes a bagel tastes great and I really do miss cheese on toast but steak and eggs for breakfast on a weekend is now one of my favourite meals ever. This may not be to your taste but what it represents is my new choice, a choice of a protein rich nutritionally dense meal rather than a quick fix carbohydrate meal that only satisfies my taste buds for a few seconds and leaves me craving the same type of meal for the rest of the day.

Every meal of every day is part of the question, thin lean and healthy or quick fix, not lean and not healthy? Which do you choose?

Find new things that you can enjoy just as much as that pizza you are salivating over. Yes at first it’s hard but it really is worth it and actually once you have lived like this for a while, maybe 2 or 3 months, it becomes really easy because you are thinner, leaner and healthier and that feels great.

As I am writing this I am sitting on a beach in Thailand again facing choices that are going influence my life. I love ice cream and whilst I am not going to completely deprive myself of the occasional almond magnum, one thing I have discovered since being out here is fresh coconuts served with a straw and a spoon to eat the flesh. So delicious, or “arroy mac” as they say here in Thailand, and so good for you, absolutely no problem having one of these every day of my holiday without fear of losing the six pack.

Once we can see that this is a choice and one that we are completely capable of making maybe we can move on from this battle against obesity and all the diseases that can follow it and then we can look back and wonder why it took us so long.

Choose the paleo diet! Choose to be effortlessly thin, lean and healthy!


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