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Submit Recipe

Get Involved!

Do you have a recipe that you regularly eat and would like to see how it fits into your daily plan. Would you like to see the nutritional breakdown of your favourite meal? You can get all this information by uploading your recipes to us.

Recipe Guidelines:

  1. All main meals must include a portion of meat and at least 4 veggies.
  2. No added sugar or alcohol can be included in the ingredients.
  3. All ingredients must be listed in grams.
  4. You must include a high quality jpg photo and upload with this form.
  5. Images must be no bigger than 1mb.

Submit your recipes.

All efforts will be made to try and get to as many recipes as possible and in order. If  your recipe does not fit into the ethos of the website then it will not be uploaded. If we love your recipe but the image is not up to scratch we may make the dish ourselves and upload the image or email you to take another photo.

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