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Nutty Chocolate Chia Seed Porridge

Since finally letting go of the grains one of the main problems I had was the longing for an oats replacement. It's not that I ate porridge everyday but it was a great go to, quick to prepare, warming morning meal. This nutty chocolate chia...

Coconut, Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

These are a great breakfast idea and very quick to cook. You can use any fruit really but I have tried many variations and this seems to be the best. I have added 2 options below to suite your appetite, I always used to have...

Chicken and Vegetable Pizza

Heres a great idea for all you pizza lovers! Pizza seems to be one of the most mentioned meals missed by many of my clients after adopting the paleo lifestyle, so I thought i'd have  a go at something that fits into this wheat free...

Four Veg Frittata

Just got back from a weekend away in my client's beautiful cottage and we didn't have any meat in the fridge and the shops had shut. No problem we have got some eggs and a load of veggies. This is one of my old favourites even from...