The 21 Stages - Meat and Four Veg
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The 21 Stages

The 21 stages to a new healthy way of eating.

Below are 21 stages in groups of 3 set to be introduced over 7 weeks to gradually overhaul your diet. In my experience over the years I have been personal training a quick fix is never a lasting fix, that stands for both exercise and nutrition. For that reason I have decided on a slow introduction to change the way you eat and so to achieve a lasting health or weight loss goal. Whats the point of reaching a goal if you are just going to fall straight back into your old ways? With this gradual system you will spend the next 7 weeks chipping away at important changes so that there is no massive shock to your body or routine.

Start at week one and read though the first 3 stages thoroughly and try to really learn why you are making each change. If you feel there is not enough information within this website on each stage then google it, find more information and really get to grips with your knowledge on the subject. Remember this is not a fad diet it is supposed to be a life long change for the good of your health and well being, so a bit more effort at each stage goes a long way to securing your staying power.

When starting each consecutive week briefly skip over the previous weeks to ensure none of the earlier stages are forgotten about and so that they are gradually engrained into your new slowly evolving routine. Also when you come across any stage that you already do in your current routine just miss that one out, see it as a bonus that you only have two to do that week rather than skipping forward into the next week. If when you finish each week you don’t quite feel you have nailed down all three changes then just repeat that week until you have, don’t move on until all 3 are instilled in your new routine. Remember the 7 week period in which to do this in is just a basic structure and not the all important factor, take longer if you need to, the most important thing is that you implement each part and that you dont slip back into your old ways.

If you have any questions about any part of all this during your transformation please dont hesitate to contact us.

Click on each stage to read up on the why and how to.

All the stages are currently being written, the links will appear as they are finished.

Week 1

Stage 01: Set a Cheat Day

Stage 02: Eliminate added sugar and sweeteners

Stage 03: Switch to a high protein breakfast

Week 2

Stage 04: Down with the grains

Stage 05: Fats and balancing your omegas

Stage 06: The quality and quantity of dairy in your diet

Week 3

Stage 07: Get hydrated and don’t drink your calories

Stage 08: Snacks

Stage 09: Start Making your own stock

Week 4

Stage 10: Choose organic vegetables and fruit

Stage 11: Look into the quality of your meats and fish

Stage 12: The Meat and Four Veg lunch and dinner

Week 5

Stage 13: Herbs, salt and pepper.

Stage 14: How much carbohydrate?

Stage 15: How much fruit?

Week 6

Stage 16: If its got an ingredients list, drop it!

Stage 17: Alcohol

Stage 18: Start roughly planning ahead each week

Week 7

Stage 19: Shop online to avoid temptation

Stage 20: Reevaluate your cheat day

Stage 21: Introduce a 24 hour fast

Other things to look into








Amalgam Fillings



Managing stress

Xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens

Reduce television watching

Grow your own vegetables


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